The material we used for Holiday Club this year was Professor Potty’s Time Traveller’s Tales which is a free Church of Scotland resource. We found that the children enjoyed the arrival of visitors each morning in our very own ‘Tardus’ complete with flashing blue light and sound effects. Each day had a theme such as friendship when David & Jonathon appeared, or health with Blind Bartimaeus. They heard both the Bible story and thought about the application in their lives.

We had a good closing Family Event on the Friday lunchtime when about 70 parents & friends enjoyed seeing something of what the children had been doing -and some home baking. It is a great opportunity to chat with families –many of whom have no other contact with churches.

The club was almost fully pre-booked in some age groups. We had an average of 67 children attending each day with 78 children registered.

The team was drawn from five local churches. We were rather more stretched than we have been in recent years & had less flexibility and cover. We had fewer teenage trainee leaders although those who were on the team made a huge contribution. Everyone on the team worked hard whether engaging directly with the children, preparing snacks, or manning the door. Some took on multiple roles such as leading groups, singing, warm ups, & games. Much rests on the shoulders of Richard Taylor  as he adapts the material for our use, takes the upfront coordinating role, uses his creative talents in producing short films and dramas, leads the upstairs group for the ‘big ones’ in Primary 7, and very importantly ensures that a clear message comes across each day.

Holiday Club 2018 was 'Professor Potty's Time Traveller's Tales', visting Bible characters in the Time machine! A great time was had by all, and the children especially enjoyed the TARDIS and its surprises each day!